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Nomadic soul. Warrior heart.
Freedom hunter. Dream weaver.
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Why do I still work for others when I'm self-employed?

Until I don't have to, I have to... just like you. Would I prefer to be independent and self-sustaining? Indeed I would. Alas, until Tonic Ventures consistently generates enough revenue to support my existence, the bills need to be paid. I accomplish this by working for others.However, if I can land an ideal role, I would be able to do both for a long time. Bullet point career overview.

Ideal Roles

If you're a tech-savvy startup, I fit exceedingly well as a liaison between the user community, the product team and external partners. Support/R&D/BizDevI would be valuable as...
- Partner Relationship Manager
- Customer Success (individual contributor)
- Community Manager/Moderator
I'm a tech-savvy professional opportunist with an empathetic disposition and a gritty, bootstrapped Solopreneur that believes "Community" is the fundamental core value proposition of the Internet. I believe Impact Enterprises, Social Businesses, Social Selling, etc., all have their roots in "Community" and "Community Management." At the other end of every online connection is an actual person. Ignore that reality at your own peril.About the risk of me leaving:If I can land in a remote role where I can expand my low-code/no-code skill set and improve my quality of life while helping others do the same, I'll have no reason to leave. That scenario fits seamlessly into my Tonic Ventures life.

If you're a NOT so tech-savvy startup, think of me as your Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer). I'll help you think through, select, implement, and integrate technologies and workflows appropriate to your skill-level, available time, and available budget. Here's how I can help your venture:
- Choose, configure, and implement an appropriate infrastructure/collaboration suite such as Google Workspace, Zoho One, or Microsoft 365
- Choose, configure, integrate, and implement a sales enablement infrastructure including CRM, intake forms, landing pages, and marketing sites for your product(s) and/or professional services.
- Choose, configure, and launch a "community" strategy to keep your clients and customers in YOUR orbit where relationships can be cultivated into customers for life. This can include a white-label, branded community for your operation, social profiles, and a commenting system for key content.
- Build custom web apps and workflows.
- ...and pretty much whatever else you need. :-)


- Low-Code/No-Code (LCNC) experimentalist since '08
- Assembled my first LCNC Indie Startup in '09 (Learn more)
- Organized and launched my first white-label social community '09
- First influenced a software product design in '94 (FinTech)
- Sales and New Business Development dating back to '84
- Account Management and Partner Relations dating back to '96
- General Management and Operations dating back to '96